Marketing and Strategy

After one-year common core course within the framework of Master Administration, the training program leading to Master Marketing and Strategy contains studies lasting for one year including six months of theoretical courses and six months of professional internship in a company, sanctioned by the Master’s degree which is co-issued by INSCAE and IAE of Poitiers (France).


  • Objective of the programme:

The programme generally aims at training high level executives able to understand and master all tasks corresponding to marketing management and the strategy there concerned.

On completion of the training programme, the participants will be able to:

  • restore the strategy and the marketing action in the general policy of the company,
  • work out a marketing strategy based on rigorous market research, qualitative and quantitative,
  • develop an operational marketing plan.


  • Entry requirements:

The training is for:

  • holders of a DHESAE awarded by INSCAE;
  • students from Master 1-Option Administration of INSCAE


  • Course Syllabus:


The training contains theoretical courses (spread over the first 6 months) and a professional internship in a company (during the second semester) for the preparation and completion of the final dissertation.

The program comprises the following teaching units (TU):

    TU1 - Operational Marketing Module (09 credits)
    TU2 - Strategy Module (07 credits)
    TU3 - Strategic Marketing Module (08 credits)
    TU4 - Market Research Module (03 credits)
    TU5 - Language Module (03 credits)
    TU6 - Internship and Thesis module (30 credits)


  • Teaching methods:


  • Courses taught by visiting professors from IAE Poitiers, INSCAE and professionals;
  • Theoretical courses, case studies, group work, individual or group oral presentations, followed by ongoing assessment of knowledge and written examinations.


  • Graduation:


To obtain the Master’s degree, students:

  • are required to follow the lessons diligently and have an overall score of at least 10/20 in order to be admitted to prepare and support the final dissertation;
  • must have the required minimum mark (10/20) at the defense of the final dissertation.


  • Control of knowledge:

    Participants are graded either by continuous or final examination, or both at the same time. The mark or average for each course is counted on 20 points.

The final dissertation, attesting the candidate's ability to present the results of his research, will be scored on 80 points. A score lower than 40 points (10/20) will be eliminatory.


  • Calendar


    The notice of selection for the year 2017-2018 is launched from 01 July 2017. Registration forms are to be withdrawn from the Director of Studies of INSCAE; note that the deadline for the inscriptions is on 31 July 2017.


    The courses will begin in September 2017 and will end in March 2018. A class session lasts in general 03h.
     Classes are held every day from Monday to Friday, and for 07 to 10 days blocked for courses taught by a visiting professor.


    The defense of the dissertation will be done in October 2018, and the deadline for submission of the dissertation to the Direction of Studies of the INSCAE is in September 2018.
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