Master Human Resources Management

The strategic management of human resources is gradually becoming within companies as more and more executives consider the skills held by their employees, either individually or collectively, can be the source of competitive advantages. To meet the expectations of companies, INSCAE offers, in partnership with the Institute of Business Administration (IAE) of the University of Poitiers, training leading to Master in Human Resources Management. This partnership involves the joint degree of students from this training.

Master in Human Resources Management is also in partnership with Malagasy Association of Human Resources Directors.

  • Objectives of the Programme:

The educational objectives of the training are:

  • To enable students to acquire both knowledge and basic skills necessary in performing the duties of human resource management practitioners;
  • To allow students to become real professionals in the field of Human Resource Management;
  • To acquire the knowledge, skills and fundamental attitudes to basic activities of human resources;
  • To acquire reasoning and analytical skills necessary for effective intervention as a practitioner in specific problems to human resources management;
  • To have an overall vision of the links between human resource management and that of organizations.
  • To enable students to quickly integrate in the various professions in the Human Resources sector.
  • Entry Requirements:

Training targets:

  • holders of DHESAE issued by the INSCAE;
  • students from the Master I - Option Administration INSCAE.

An ad hoc committee is responsible for assessing, in a written test and an interview, skills of the shortlisted candidates (CV, cover letter and legalized copy of the diploma).

To ensure the quality of the programme, the number of people that can incorporate it is limited to thirty-five per year.


  • Course Syllabus:

TU1- Management and Human Resources Management

TU2- Social Human Resource Management

TU3- Human Resources Control

TU4- International Human Resource Management

TU5- Internship and Thesis

6 months internship (on HR issues)


  • Teaching Methods:

The training will be provided by a core faculty specialized in human resources and stakeholders, human resources practitioners (Malagasy Association of Human Resources Directors).

  • Control of Knowledge:

The examination session is held at the end of each course. A check on each instruction will be marked out of 20 points.

The final dissertation, attesting the candidate's ability to present the results of his research, will be marked out of 80 points. A score below 40 points (10/20) will be eliminated.

The dissertation will be directed by a permanent professor of INSCAE or by a professor from the National Association of Human Resources Directors.

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