GEM report  

The presentation of the National Report of Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Madagasikara (GEM) on the topic of “Les enjeux et défis de l’entrepreneuriat à Madagascar en 2018” was held on Tuesday 23rd May 2019 at the Amphitheater of INSCAE.
Several objectives have been set:
          -    To study entrepreneurial activity and its determinants
          -    To get a detailed picture of the world of entrepreneurs
          -    To identify policies that can improve entrepreneurship
          -    To determine the role of entrepreneurs in economic development
          -    To reach the maximum of countries around the world
In 2018, the highlights of the surveys are:
The Entrepreneurial Activity Rate: Madagascar the 8th
          21% of the respondents are entrepreneurs
                    Breakdown by genre:
                    EAR of women → 21%
                    EAR of men → 20 %
Madagascar has very few informal investors (2%), and few entrepreneurs working in family (25%) but rather in solo (neither partner nor employee expected over the next 5 years)


The Third edition of the project contest * INSCAE Innovation Idea *


  • Dans le cadre de l’entrepreneuriat l’INSCAE a accueilli la Cérémonie de remise de lots pour les gagnants du Concours de projets pour les personnes en situation de handicap, le Vendredi 24 Août 2018 à l’Amphithéatre de l’INSCAE.
  • " Rohy ": Le Centre d’orientation socio-professionnelle pour les personnes en situation de handicap de l’ONG C-For-C a présenté les 22 participants au Concours de projets. Le 1er projet est "Anjara massage".

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