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Useful information

Ministerial Orders 6184/2000 of 21.06.2000 and 2565/2001 of 01.03.2001 relate to the opening and organization of a 3rd cycle training in Management Sciences at INSCAE. This training is sanctioned by the DEA in Management Sciences and the Doctorate in Management Sciences.

The objective is to train a qualitative succession for the discipline. Admission to continue the DEA in Management Sciences, currently Research Master, is done on selection of dossier followed by an interview.

The best students of the Research Master having their rechearch protocol validated by the supervising professor and the authorities of the Doctoral Training are admitted to prepare their doctoral thesis.

PhD students are supervised to provide conceptual and managerial inputs in management issues in the private sector and / or the public sector.

So far, they have been interested in the areas of:
  • accounting
  • entrepreneurship
  • finances
  • management
  • public management
  • marketing

PhD students are required to present regularly to the BRAIN Laboratory Seminar the progress of their research work and are encouraged to present papers in national and / or international symposia.